Why you should make your home smarter in 2022.

In recent years homeowners around the world have sought new ways to improve their living spaces, adding smart technology additions for enhanced entertainment and comfort- These technologies are constantly adapting changing the way people live in the 21st century.

What is a Smart Home?

The term smart home means a network of devices within your property that you can control remotely from a control system (or central hub) or internet-connected smart device.

Really a home automation system allows you to monitor and/or control electronic devices around the home such as

Smart lighting

Enhance your mood with the ability to change lighting modes and presets on-demand. You’ll be able to create a stunning ambience for any occasion. The lighting in your home becomes responsive to the things that you do. For example, when opening a garage door or getting ready for work the system will react by changing settings and colour combinations according to what mood it is appropriate at this time of day!

Key Features

  • multifunctional lighting control systems in your home
  • Ability to turn lights on/off with timers, giving you peace of mind when you’re away from home.
  • Set the lights to flash when an alarm is set off, alerting your neighbours.
  • Add your blinds to your lighting system to function automatically based on your presets.

Smart Heating & Smart Thermostats

Young woman controlling temperature in the living room with smart phone and digital touch screen panel. Concept of heating control in a smart home

Ever get home to a freezing cold house after a holiday or forget to turn the heating system off when you leave the house in the morning? no problem – with a smart thermostat you can remotely control temperatures and get back to a toasty warm house just by using an app on your mobile phone.

Key Features

  • Energy saving
  • Heating control when you are on holiday, turn your heating on and off remotely.
  • Heat different parts of the home independently

Smart Blinds

Modern bright kitchen interior with white horizontal window blinds, wooden cabinets with white countertop and household appliances

Intergrate smart blinds into your home automation system, these can be synced with your lighting presets to open and close as desired by you and your habits. Need sunlight to wake you in the morning? no problem, smart blinds will automatically open at your set time to help rouse you from sleep the natural way.

Key Features

  • Can be controlled remotely for when you are away from home
  • Help create lighting scenes in combination with your smart bulbs and automated lighting,

Smart Entertainment systems and home cinema

Elegant, black and white relax zone with home cinema system

Control your smart TVs, home cinema systems and speakers using one interface from one place with this easy-to-use remote! No more hunting for remotes, just use your central control system or mobile app for a seamless experience at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Control every automated device in your home from your smartphone or tablet; the ultimate convenience and control over the devices in your home.
  • Multi-room volume control
  • Control of Wi fi, individualized for certain devices- for limiting screen time within the home

Smart Security

Woman watching delivery man through security camera system on mobile phone at home – Cctv smart technology lifestyle concept

Not just limited to video doorbells a professionally installed smart home system can allow you full control over property locks and CCTV giving you increased security when you are at home or away.

Key Features

  • Smart locks
  • Away from home security
  • lighting and blind control to give the appearance houses are occupied
  • alert systems which can be connected to emergency services.

Do you need a professional for your smart home installations?

If you’re handy and enthusiastic about technology, you’ve probably considered installing your own smart devices to your home to make your life easier, However, there’s a huge difference between buying retail smart devices and using a professionally installed, fully integrated smart home system.

Pope Power are smart home installers based in Folkestone, Kent and are able to install various smart home technologies all designed for smooth home automation.

We :

Only installing the highest quality brands

Install advanced technology smart home solutions

Are experts in home control systems and smart devices

Smart Home brands Pope Power work with

We specialise in a range of home automation systems installations, all created to enhance the way in which you live. We are able to offer installation of many leading brands, including :

Smart Home Services for new Properties

If you are interested in a complete smart home installation or have a new build you would like to integrate with smart technology. We offer a free initial consultation to advise you on the best smart home devices and control systems.

We are happy to liaise with your builders meaning as little disruption to you as possible and your smart home is ready for you when you move in.