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Pope Power specializes in helping you to create your dream home. Customise your devices so that living is easier than ever before.

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What is Smart Home?

Smart home is a home automation system that will monitor and/or control home attributes such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems. Pope Power specializes in making homes smarter and more efficient so that living is easier than ever before.

You’ll be able to switch between various lighting presets and combinations as the mood takes you. We will install the lights and set up the automation for you, satisfaction guaranteed.
Connect your surround sound system, TV, entertainment hubs, gaming devices, etc and control them all from your smartphone or iPad! We’ll make sure everything is installed correctly and discreetly; there won’t be a mass of cables staring at you everytime you watch tv.
You’ll be able to switch between various lighting presets and combinations as the mood takes you. We will install the lights and set up the automation for you, satisfaction guaranteed.
From Home office to garage and shed electricals, happy to undertake any outbuilding project no mater the size.
Keeping you safe, Check-a-trade approved fitters of intruder alarms and CCTV
Experienced electrical fitters of all outside and garden lighting inculding decorative and emergency lights

Smart home automation lighting control

  • Incorporate dynamic and multifunctional lighting control systems in your home and tailor them to your individual style.
  • Ability to turn lights on/off with timers will give you peace of mind when you’re away from home. You can also set the lights to flash when an alarm is set off, alerting your neighbours.
  • You can add your blinds to your lighting system so no more tinkering with difficult blinds.

Energy saving

  • Do you keep forgetting to turn the heating or lights off? One of the greatest benefits of installing smart home technology is the energy saving capabilities which turns off heating and switches off all lights as soon as you leave the house.
  • You can also turn on the heating remotely when you’re on your way home on a rainy day and are dreaming of walking into a toasty home.

Control at the touch of a button/screen

  • You can now control every automated device in your home from your smartphone or tablet; the ultimate convenience and control over the devices in your home.
  • You can control your lights, heating, security, TV etc from your smartphone or iPad.

Improved security

  • Through an app on your smartphone or tablet you can now control all of your home security from smart locks, CCTV and your security lighting system! Giving you peace of mind that your home is always safe and secure, no matter where you are.


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Frequently asked questions

Routines are how your smart devices fit around your life. For example, your wake up routine would mean your alarm clock sounding at 6:30, the blinds/curtains opening and the heating turns on. Then when you leave at 8, the heating automatically turns off etc.
Yes, we can always add to devices or even upgrade them remotely via the internet.
Make sure you have a strong password that you don’t use for anything else and change it every few months. Two factor authentication etc will help.
Yes, we provide free, no obligation quotes and consultations.
Your home automation installation process can take two to three weeks for completion. This is the estimated time in most of the cases. But make sure that even after its completion, you must stay connected to the home automation service providers.