How Outdoor Lighting Can Protect You

We’ve moved the clocks back, dark nights are coming in earlier, and stumbling in the dark is not an option anymore. Having a motion-sensor enabled light by your front door means you’re not looking for your key in the dark, and can also keep unwanted visitors at bay.

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, keeping your property protect is always going to be a pressure at the back of your mind. According to records kept by the police, crime fell by 28% during the Lockdown in Britain. However, some have suggested that this is a short-lived reprieve as restrictions are lifted, and experts warn that there will be a return of burglars taking advantage of empty homes.

‘Security Measures’ come in all shapes and sizes, and prices, with installation and servicing costs on top; but an external option which can protect your property is the installation of a low energy LED floodlight. We’re not suggesting the kind you’d find at a football stadium, although we’re sure that if those were to flood your front garden it would stop the intruder in their tracks. We’re talking about the slim, modern, convenient versions with motion sensors which have been proven to deter intruders. Some variations of floodlight can also capture activity on camera, giving you peace of mind and helping provide evidence if the deterrent wasn’t enough. Other options also include all-in-one systems, energy efficient, Wi-Fi enabled and high-performance LED floodlight symptoms. Don’t let this list overwhelm you, we’d be happy to speak to you about your options and which products we’d recommend to suit your property.

Any electrics which are outside need to be serviced and checked regularly. With winter comes strong winds, biting cold, and lots and lots of rain. The last thing you want is to fall asleep feeling protected, and wake up to a nasty surprise. So whether you’re thinking of installing some outdoor lighting, or you’d like us to check your protection; give us a call today.