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EV Charge Installation​

Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of going to different stations to charge your car? Now there is an easier way. We offer end-to-end EV charging solutions, including hardware, software, and services.

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Why use Pope Power?

We can install and set up an electric vehicle charging station for you. Choose from some of the best products available and also take advantage of the OZEV EVHS Grant.

What is the OZEV EVHS Grant?

It is a grant that will fund up to75% towards the cost of installing a domestic charging unit up to £350. Householders must own, lease or be named as the primary user of an eligible EV or have a vehicle on order to qualify for the grant.

Choice of products

Leading EV Chargers in the UK

Here are different brands and their different features that we can provide you with

Installation cost - £549
includes EVHS Grant


Installation cost - £599
includes EVHS Grant


Installation cost - £649
includes EVHS Grant


Installation cost - £699
includes EVHS Grant


Installation cost - £849
includes EVHS Grant

If you have any questions regarding EV chargers or would like help applying for your grant please get in touch today.

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