Electrician Corona Virus

Pope Power your local electrician has now ceased trading through the lockdown.

However to relive a little anxiety, I have decided to offer a FREE electrical emergency call out service to all residents of Folkestone and the surrounding area during the lockdown period.

If you have lost your power supply or have had a dangerous electrical occurrence that needs making safe by a qualified electrician, disconnecting and isolating to restore power and ensure you remain safe in your homes during this time. Please call on 01303 891603 and a member of our team can form a plan over the phone for occupants to move into an area isolated and out side of the property or in a particular room away from the area in question. We will be wearing full ppe and cleaning down every surface we come into contact with. On completion I can call you to let you it’s safe to re-enter your home.

This is a FREE service for people in emergency during the lockdown period only. Please keep this number handy in case you you need.

Tel: 01303 891603

Keep safe everyone